New update. What's new?

Can someone tell me what liverlies have been added to the old planes such as a319 ext and 777
So what has been added in this update

Fellow pilots

New 787-8,9,10
Reworded 777 (all)
New 777-200LR
New commanda for ATC
Some new improvements
More etc.

New liveries:

•NWA A319
• Yakutia and Island Air for Q400
•Atlas Air for 747-400
•China Airlines, Swiss, Etihad, Air NZ (white), Qatar One World, KLM for the 777-300ER
•LH Cargo, AF Cargo for 777-200F
And other new liveries.


In addition, new liveries for the 747, A319, and Dash 8. Also, a host of optimizations.

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Freecam view. 4K textures on the 787

Liveries list: I got the update!

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@AmericanAirlines Does that now include APPR for the Cessna Citation X?

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Roger that. Still, new physics are always an improvement :) Thanks

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Wait wait hold up they worked on the Citation too.

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Wonder why they haven’t released the usual update rundown or “press release”…

Phillipe said here why

That’s why they never did a run down yet.

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Gotcha. Thanks

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philippines for 777-300ER

Oh yeah that too😬

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What ‘4K textures’?

Virgin Australia 777-300ER

Better quality in short

Also no more pitch change when you set the auto pilot

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