New update, waypoint names in map section. need to be zoomed in to "far" to see

On the map

After the recent update, now you have to zoom in quite close in order to see waypoint/fix names. Really hard to find a specific one as you have to pan alot in close zoom.

Would be nice with a function “always show” that would make it easier if you like to follow a spec route/approach.


I think this happened in order to prepare for global flight. If the fixes were always shown, there’d be a bunch of jumbled words (there are lots of fixes around the world) on your radar preventing you from finding the one you want.

I guess it would be a nice addition…but I’m not sure. :)

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Yes, that’s could be a valid reason, I thought it had to do with improved performance. Before it was a little laggy for me when you hade the map section zoomed out.

I really hope they do a function for that or as i suggested in another topic that they should ad a search function in the map area where you could search for fixes, vor;s or other nav aids you use to plot your course with some other ideas as save your route etc.

Now i need alot of patience and valium in order to sit and pan around to find fixes after an approach chart for an airport. :)


I was just about to create a topic on this but searched and founds yours.

This is 100% a PROBLEM. It’s actually really difficult to locate waypoints. Trying to input SIDS and STARs where points can be quite a distance from each other can be almost impossible at times.

Add an option to have always visible, a search option, or at least double the zoom-out amount before they disappear, or better yet, let us straight out insert SIDS and STARs as per the other topics!