New Update Tracking Thread

I am not allowed to be on it either.

Sorry guys for starting an argument, it is fine; we do not need a tracking thread.

Confirmed Liveries So Far

Alaska Airlines A320

Qantas 737-800 (New Roo Livery)



Thank you so much, this is what I wanted

If I do recall, I remember some Mods saying there is no need for a topic like this.

Come here to find out all confirmed liveries/features for the CRJ’s!

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Yes and now I agree;

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I was talking about the non crj related liveries

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I think one would be good if many new liveries are coming. But if someone was to do it, it would probably have to be a regular (TL3) or a moderator. (TL4)

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Don’t be so harsh on yourself, we are just trying to clear the forums of any threads that aren’t necessities. You live and you learn ;)


Just remember that confirmation of a new item does not mean that they all may be released at the same time.

I actually had it happen tonight at work. We had a dozen items to go live but the client had to pull two of them for various reasons.

Something to keep in mind.


Should a Liveries section be added to the CRJ thread? The global update thread had one:

Yes, as long as they aren’t CRJ liveries I guess.

I support this thread. Why? Because there’s nowhere else to post any non-related CRJ news except separate topics, which could be compiled into one thread.

So far we’ve had the Alaska A320, Qantas 737, and ATIS coming. That may be only a few things, but it’s still good to have a thread for it so people can find all the information in one place. Just my opinion.


when more liveries from Latin America for example Peruvian Airlines (Peru) Libery.


Your already doing great so don’t worry and let the experts deal with this one.

Yes you all the Twitter

Is there a decision yet regulars and mods?

Could the CRJ thread not be changed to, Next Update tracking thread. Then we can add these instead of two places to look!! Then we can add ATIS for example as well to that thread.

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The mods obviously have kept it open for a reason… they would’ve closed it by now if they didn’t want this. I personally don’t support a separate tracking thread. I think the CRJ thread could be changed to adapt to all things coming in this next update like @Matt said.

But if it’s what everyone wants I have no problems :)