New Update Tracking Thread

Hi IFC, with the new confirmations of new liveries being added to IF, such as Qantas 737 and Alaska a320, is there a tracking thread to keep track of the new liveries coming. ( I searched around but couldn’t find one ) So is it possible for Anyone to make one please?
PS: I am not good at this stuff


A full-blown tracking thread is unnecessary in my eyes for a couple of liveries.


Thanks! I will just track it on my note pad instead 😆

I think the point is so people who aren’t regularly caught up with FDS social media networks have a place to find all the confirmed features, considering that the CRJ tracking thread is for the CRJ only.


Yes! I am not allowed to have social media so it would be helpful.

Any new liveries added alongside the CRJ’s will for sure be made known in the forums. You have my word for that.

But when a feature request gets closed after it becomes confirmed, it is hard to find it anymore

You can also find new liveries on FDS staff and IF’s social media platforms, it’s also the place where you’ll hear about it first!

@ChiknNRice Again this is why, but if there is no need than so be it

Bottom line is that you can look at the update notes when it rolls out or the forum update topic that will come out, either way you’ll find out what will be coming.

That’s untrue. I heard the news of the Qantas B738, and I searched Qantas B738 and it was the first topic to pop up.

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New features coming up in the next update will make its way around. Don’t worry about having a thread for it, you will see it!


And like you said up there, you can make note of it on a note pad to keep track of it :D

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Usually I do not search up Qantas aircraft so I didn’t find out until my friend told me
If there is no need for a tracking thread than ok I am fine with it.

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If this was added, it would have to be constantly updated, constantly being changed, and constantly adding new liveries. If the FDS were to add a public livery tracking, thread, it would be very time consuming

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Why would it? If FDS is only adding about 5 liveries, no point in having a topic. If many are gonna be confirmed, then I would rather see a regular make it a wiki

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I know you said that you’re not allowed to have social media, but you don’t need an account for instagram.

I would suggest going to either or to find out anything coming to IF!

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I am not allowed to be on it either.

Sorry guys for starting an argument, it is fine; we do not need a tracking thread.

Confirmed Liveries So Far

Alaska Airlines A320

Qantas 737-800 (New Roo Livery)