New update to fix bug and crash issues

Is there an update being worked on to correct the bug / crash issues a lot of user been having since the last update IOS / Android? Bought the Dash 8 and can’t fly whatsoever.😩


For me (iOS) when IF crashes, I have to re-download the aircraft I bought

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I’m having the same issues, since the latest up date every time my flight is loaded and as soon as I calibrate by toutching the screen my iPad crashes and comes out the app 😩

same issue :(( fds please fix this our live is getting wasted cause it crashes everytime, so how can we play live if it crashes everytime we paid 4.99$ here.


Which device and iOS version are we talking about?
Is it Jailbroken?
Have you closed background apps and restarted device power?
Is it crashing on Live, solo or both?
What are the graphics settings at when the crash happens?
If on Live what is the “show aircraft count live” setting at?

I use only iPads, and Air and Air 2 with iOS 9.2 and even with everything on highest settings, I cannot crash the app. Older generation devices will need some settings lowered.

That said, I don’t think there’s any actual bug, but the issue is just specific to device system resources becoming overburdened. Restarts and lowered settings will fix that.


Apple iPad mini wifi + cellular
IOS 9.2.1
Jailbroken? No
Closed background app and restart device? Yes
Crashing for me on solo
Graphics are set at high/low

Ipad 2
IOS 9.2.1
Jailbroken no
I did the most common thing an IT guy would recommend restart the device …
crashing for me on solo and live
Graphics are high / low

Pls try to fix the bug !

Device - Ipadmini 1
Version - Ios9.2.1
Jailbroken - no
ClosedBackround Apps/Restart yes
Crashing for me on Both
Device settings
Airplane count is low
Airplane quality tried medium/high still crashing.
Terrain quality tried low/high still crashing.
Water quality tried low/high still crashing.
Screen resulotion tried medium/high still crashing.

The first gen iPad mini or iPad 2 both would require that the graphics be set all to the minimums. I see you wrote “graphics are set at high/low”. They should all be low for these devicesor stability can suffer. Unfortunately there’s really not a lot that can be done for those devices, they just don’t have a lot of speed or system resources.

If using Live, use WiFi not cellular for best results.

Set “show aircraft count live” to low.

Make sure no other apps are running in the background as well.

My settings are

AA - off
Aircraft Qua. - High
Water Quality - Low
Aircraft shown - Low
Screen res- high
Terrain - low.

I still experience High lag and device heating issues.
iPad mini 1 - iOS 9.2.1.

Should I even more lower the settings?, @DIsraelFDS

Ipad Air, highest settings, Latest ios (9.2.1),

  • joystick.

Crashed 2 times today during online flights.

Usually crashes are rare because device is still very fast.

If it’s crashing, then yes. The first gen mini is a little low on power. You may get away with it if you fly where there’s very little if any traffic, but that’s not always predictable. Low aircraft quality and the “show aircraft count live” settings to minimums. Might be time to think about a new device. :)