New update problems

hello i just update the IF last week my problem i got my screen freeze after i start my flight . i comes on my phone menu. again .

on the setting menu when i start to set a flight its take time to get in the setting option and or to select airport or aircraft.

and my other problem : i can not play offline ( that one not a big problem for me if i need to play it online no matter)

third problem : i get difficulties to make my flight plan on the globe . can someone help me on. please.

i accepted the graphic and realistic are superb but i prefer my old version


Can you please provide some more details surrounding the issues?
What device and operating system do you use?

When it comes to offline use:
The current version of Infinite Flight requires an internet connection to stream the terrain. The ability to download regions might come at a later time, but for the time being you are required to be online for Infinite Flight to work.

Thank you!


i do subscription for one year due i love that game !

lat week i just download the update

i start downloading new airplane which ask to be re update .

when i start my flight after take off after 4 5 second the game freeze and come on my iphone menu

i do the same on short landing is the same after touch down it the same freeze and goes on iphone menu

and after the update i can not set up my flight plan : i don’t know which country to which country

and also its not appear where there have mountain to do the climb ect… but before on set flight plan you see where we need to fly high altitude or not.

these update make me crazy but hat off for the graphic ,

What iPhone and iOS are you using?
It’s information needed to help you resolve the issues you have with freezing and crashing.

When it comes to the flight plan, it’s something you’ll have to learn :)
I recommend you have a look at these tutorials covering this:

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hello again

and what happen for the beginner landing guide did not see on the update?

i used iphone 7 ios 10.3.3

the crash is making me sad and not want to play the game , afraid after start playing the phone freeze and crash

why on the IF menu when you go to select something its take time and time to load to enter on the setting or option ???

Are you referring to the landing aid (red rectangles) or the tutorial? Both have been removed due to various issues, and might come back at a later time.

You should not experiencing the issue you are with that device. I have a iPhone 7+ myself without any issues.
I recommend that you first update your device to the latest iOS. Once you’ve done that, i would recommend that you remove Infinite Flight and reinstall it. I’m pretty certain it will resolve your issues.

o.k sir

thank for your help i try to do it and revert back to you

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