New update killing my flights

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop a note here letting you know what I’m experiencing. I downloaded the new update last week (android), and ever since my Infinite Flight app has been litteraly cutting off. I’ve paused the game a few times only to get a black screen in its place when in pause. I don’t know if other people are experiencing this, but I am! I’m not complaining or griping about it, it just happens, you guys work way to hard on these things for me to complain, so I dont! But if it’s messing up y’all need to know! Thank you for all the hard work you put in! I love it!

The most common solutions are reinstalling, restarting the app and your device. If this persists after the above methods have been tried, please let us know.

Also specify what device you have please!


That’s weird. You might need to clear your scenery cache.

Can you give us more details? like what device your using? But as @Ignas04 said, try to reinstall and close background apps before using IF.

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What would you mean by this? Is the app crashing when viewing replays leading you to the home screen?

This has happened to me before. Just a black screen. I exited the app, reinstalled it and all worked fine after that. The OP is gone, I don’t know if they have seen these messages, however that should help, as it helped me.


Gtmkm98, I have, I will try the reinstall if it keeps up…

Thank you Ignas04! I appreciate your help!

Keep in mind, reinstalling the app deletes all of your replays.

Kuba, sorry my wording of that was a little odd… When I pause the game, I go to resume and it’s,a black screen…

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Ouch… Ok thank you! I’ll need to file all my PIREPS then!

@Mikey1974 when You’re done notify if it worked!

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