[NEW UPDATE] IF Checklists 2.1 - More than just checklists!


Since IF Checklists does not interact with Infinite Flight, I recommend you to use IF Checklists on your 6th generation iPad using Slide Over, as shown in our short video tutorial below. I hope this helps!


still no response to my refund email yet


I have replied to your email yesterday at 0758Z. If you have any questions regarding my response, please just reply to the email. Thank you.


What an absolutely amazing and detailed app. Everything is thorough and just flat out great. Love it already!


I love using this app. It’s a great app to have to make sure that I don’t skip a step (even though usually I don’t). Great work!


Is there a way to quickly return to the home screen of IF checklists? I find myself having to scroll back through all of the checklists i have completed up to that point.

I usually get through the cruise checklist and then begin to plan my descent profile.


One of the goals of IF Checklists is to intelligently suggest you tools at relevant times.
You can easily access the descent calculator from the approach checklist by clicking the icon right of the Descent preparations - CHECK. I hope this is useful! :)


That works. Thanks again.


I’ve got the app downloaded and have purchased IF Checklists Plus but how do you get the pop-up of the checklist while on IF?


Hello, what device are you using?


Samsung A5 (2017)


Hey there! Could you try following the tutorial below? Let me know how it goes.


Ok, I’ve figured it out. Don’t enter IF in Split Screen but it’s ok with IF Checklist and when you done, go back to IF


Sorry about the trouble, Rynjil!

As Infinite Flight does not officially supports multi window on Android, issues like the one you encountered can happen. We recommend to always configure multi window before starting a flight in Infinite Flight, as this may cause an app crash. I hope you can understand!


I’ll try that, good idea!


But how can I get the overlay?


What do you mean by overlay? Feel free to contact me through a private message. :)


Question. When your buy the infinite flight checklist plus, do you get the entire features listed if you pay monthly? Is it $5 per month or total and you keep all those features?


IF Checklists Plus is a one-time $4.99 in-app purchase. There are no monthly fees. Head inside the app to learn more about what’s included in IF Checklists Plus!


No need for your old-school calculator & notebook anymore. With IF Checklists’ descent calculator available with IF Checklists Plus, you can easily plan your descent. Try it out now!