New update idea that may let the game very realistic

Hi I love the game and the new update but can you let the airports solid and have functionality like catering trucks and more and I would like say thank you for the update and I hope you make an update for the airports and cities .

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This will come in future updates - but the exact date is unknown.

Hey there Omar!

At the moment, Infinite Flight decided to not make objects solid, as crashes don’t render, and would be an unnecessary addition to the simulation of realistic flying (plus a lot more easier to troll). It’s easy to accidentally nit look where you’re going in game sometimes.

The long term plan is to animate all airprot objects, from jet bridges to vehicles and more. This will come with time as the game advances.

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Due to it being the first time Infinite Flight has introduced 3D buildings into the simulator, catering trucks, jet bridges, fuel trucks etc. will be static however they are looking to make them animated later on.

Buildings will not be solid and the devs don’t have plans to make them solid at the moment.

Here’s the answer to both of your questions:


I got it thank you too much I hope you have a great day and I also hope you all the best .

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