New Update Ground Effect

How do you experience the ground effect? And with what aircrafts do you use to experience it?

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When you get closer to the ground, you have increased lift.

Although I don’t know which aircraft have it.


There are many aircraft with ground effect, but the 737 is the newest one in the 18.6 update.

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I think the A319 and A320 have it aswell but I’m not too sure.

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have you ever been in a 737 and when you start to rotate it looks like you are staying in place while the nose is up thats the ground effect. But this goes for every plane but it’s very noticeable on the 737 series

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737 800/900

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I was watching a YouTube video of an Infinite Flight user and when he was taking off, I’ve noticed a shaking motion and a sound during the takeoff. So, would that also be a part of the ground effect, too?

That user was probably use In Flight Assistant, a third party app that adds sounds and what you said, “shaking camera during takeoff”


Yep A319,320,321 even 330 if u set flaps 3 instead of flaps full and 787families a lot of them

Tge Q400 has major ground effect like holy cow

I can feel the ground effect everytime I fly the B737 family and it helps aid me in buttering XD

Love this new update. The B737 is much more pleasant to fly now :D

@DeerCrusher ^^^^

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Butter is better than grease XD

don’t ban me XD

eh not really

Yeah it does. You have to wait for the 10 callout on flaps 35 landing to flare or you float down the runway

oh I thought you were talking about takeoff?

Oh no ground effect happens mainly on landing

also works on RYANAIR landings LOL!

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