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Good afternoon! First of all I would like to thank you for the attention of the team, but unfortunately my device did not accept the 19.1 update well, and I am not playing for the fact that I have a good configuration. I would like to ask some questions and clarify some points. had the following options: Rendering Quality: low, this and High.In the current 19.1temperature update: Fast, Good, Best and Ludicrous. In the previous graph setting it could look like this: Rendering Quality: low / Rendering resolution: High / Texture Quality: High / Anti-Aliasing: this configuration could play with a good graph without locking.In the current update we no longer have these options and Android does not support this version.second doubt: anyone else have this problem on Android system? I’m playing with the older version because I can not get a better setting. thank you

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Sorry to hear about your problems. With the new update the settings configuration has been changed on all systems iOS and Android so you will have to see your best fit on the newer system, it’s mainly the same just renamed.

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