New Update, Fresh Pics! #22.6

Hello IFC, This update 22.6 revealed some great liveries and the photos I have taken are some of the liveries which I have waited for in IF for a while and here they are:

Server: Solo, Expert
Routes: Too many
Aircraft: Also too many

#1 A Busy Paro, ATC View (I was actually controlling Paro)

#2 Another Vistara which I actually few irl a few days ago

#3 Finnair!!!

Please let me know how are the photos and feedback is accepted, Thank You!


Hey @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME thanks for the ATC service at PARO!

Also, It was me in that Vistara A320 😅 (Callsign: Vistara 0209) with my friend @CaptainDishant


Ah yes, thanks for stopping by at paro!

love them,nice photo

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When the 8 qualified pilots to land at Paro decided to meet up


Certified Captains for sure!

Thank you so much!

Also, welcome to the community!