New update Flight log

Thank you FDS for an awesome, new update…
But i have found an issue with Flight log

Here , the Flight time is not fully visible at the title bar ( obviously its understood) , and
What is NOTES

Isn’t a bug, it is for violations and ghostings.

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I can’t help with the issue you have discovered, but Notes is to show any ghostings or violations you have received during the flight.

Also make sure to read the link Starley has posted above.

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Aah right @Starley thanks

And after clicking on info then ,
It shows the details… haha 😃

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but what about the first image… the flight time ?.. TIME is missing

You will have to wait until a developer or moderator comes around with more information.

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Isn’t “Total Flight Time” the flight time of the overall flight?

Look at the first picture. The last letters of “Flight Time” are missing.

@Luke_Around, I would suggest you to reinstall the app, it might be a bug though.

the very first image on the top… in the topic… where Date, Aircraft etc… Flight Ti

Sorry to hear about that! Could you let us know what device you’re using so we can look into it further?

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i am using an android device at present @Cameron

I think he means what device specifically as there’s a lot of Android devices out there.

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If you could let me know the device model that would be appreciated :)

If you can post a screenshot of the About page in Infinite Flight, that would help too. Thanks in advance!


There we are… Haha… @Cameron infiniteflight

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Thank you! I’ll have a look at what’s going on