New Update fixed thank you

My game on a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 keeps saying that Infinite Flight has stopped and I’ve resarted my device and it does not work, help me or is this a bug.

When you bought IF, was it free?

Could you give us some more details?

No I paid it on the play store

I open the game and after about 13 seconds it says that infinite flight stopped. In the 13 seconds it is a black screen

Try reinstalling the app.

Will I be able to still download it, I paid for it, I don’t want to pay the game again

Yes, you have it saved in your purchases. Just delete the app and reinstall it. Simple.

Ok I will do it

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Try to:

  • Delete and reinstall app

  • Reboot device

  • Make sure you are connected to wifi or LTE

  • If none of those work, tag Matt for assistance

Like Henrik said.

Ok thank u

I wouldn’t suggest tagging them to be honest. They check nearly every post on the forum. They’ll get to this one eventually :)

It’s necessary to tag the devs only when you have problems with your experience and/or gameplay on Infinite Flight.

None of these worked and other players also have this problem

Than tag Matt, it’s possible that he doesn’t knows this bug.

@matt Can you help with this problem?

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He already tried that and it didn’t work

Go file a support ticket. David can help you with this. There is no need to tag Matt. This should probably be moved to support so it’s seen faster and by the appropriate people. @MishaCamp @Swang007


Start infinite flight app, the screen is black and the logo does not appear and it crashes saying ''unfortunately infinite flight has stopped" samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 new updated version