New update crashes

I was an active player of IF till the recent summer update.I play in my Dell Venue 8 tablet model 3830 android 4.4.2 with a memory of 2 GB and storage capacity of 16 GB. The IF app was working fine until the update came out. After the update the app crashes or doesn’t respond after a certain period of time. I’ve asked some and they asked me to refresh or restart my tab. I’ve done everything but still is the same. I even did factory reset and reinstalled but still doesn’t work smoothly.

Any other suggestion guys? Its like too annoying now it crashes and I can’t play properly.

Maybe your OS version is old

Is this only one live or on solo too?

@Riley_Dunshea it crashes on both .
@TheRedeemer its android 4.4.2 is not that old tho. Its the is 95% of ppl still use

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Have you tried closing all background apps and restarting you device?

Yep everything

Well, not really. More like 29,2%. So, upgrading is probably a good idea :)
I haven’t experienced any issues on with my Lenovo Yoga 2 running 6.0.

When does it crash? During the initial start-up?



Oh ! I never got the update still now. Anyway thanks.
It crashes like during the flight. Like it mainly happens in mid air.

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A 2GB tablet shouldn’t crash

Is it just during Live, or Solo flight as well?

Airplane count (just for live), and AA (Anti aliasing) is a big factor.

What’s your tablet’s processor?

@schyllberg it happens in both solo and live
@dush19 the processor is Intel Atom Processor Z2580

The processor explains the crashes

Is my processor too old or something?

Infinite Flight doesn’t perform well on Intel Atoms


I can vouch for that… and there is probably a good reason why Intel is about to stop making them.

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ohhkay… thanks for the info guys.

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