New Update Controls

Was it something updated to IF to make the yoke feel a bit different? Not saying this in a BAD way at all, but more of a realistic touch. Ive noticed that since the update, whilst taxiing at airport, the turning ratio seems a bit more “Tight” especially while turning the aircraft. The plane now stays straight as a ruler while blasting down the runway. Has anybody else noticed this? If so, what is your input. Does it seem more Crisp and more Realistic? If this was an addition that came with the 18.5 Update, thank you FDS and the IF crew.


I have the same problems after update… And I don’t like this.



There was an update to the rudder functionality if this is what you mean?

Or maybe you need to revisit the control null zone and sensitivity within the controls settings? It may have been reset following the update?

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Where should the control null setting be?

I honestly liked the rudder controls of the previous versions.

A few updates before they limited the function of the rudders in crosswind landings. The rudder was virtually unresponsive and the plane very difficult to control after touchdown. The ground maneuvering with the rudder was fine though.

This update, I feel as though they did the opposite of above. They added the rudder functionality after touchdown back, but ground maneuvering feels like driving a WW2 tank.



Its personal preference, but it affects how much movement is required with the controller, so a high null zone setting means you need a larger movement in order to envoke a change


If is it possible to downgrade to previous version? Because I dont need TBM but I need old rudder controlling!


The new rudder controls are AWESOME. Very realistic considering you can’t “feel” the rudder.
It’s great that greater input is necessary to turn. Crosswinds are easier too. Thank you Infinite Flight for a great add., 👍🏿👍🏿
For those that don’t like it. Just give it time to get used too. 😁


I love this, and dont ever want it to get changed. Ist more realistic and helpful. If u taxi Long u have to hold ur device super stright which is stressing. Why should it be hard to use the RUD? I prefer this A LOT


Yup i was wondering why the yoke felt so stiff compared to before. I don’t mind it though, I guess it makes it more realistic by requiring greater input


On the floor I liked it more before. Now to turn the plane you have to turn a lot more. As someone said before, now the plane is like a tank !. The pushback maneuver is more complex for me because either I do not turn or turn excessively. I guess you have to get used to it …


Yes. I have the same problems after update 18.5 version… And I don’t like this. Please check :(

The ailerons used to couple with the wheels when on the ground if that option was selected. This meant you could steer a bit with the yoke.
That has stopped working for me now. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is a development. The rudder has had some improvements so you get grater effect when you are hard over.

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Hmm. Have you checked your settings? It may be off. You can turn it on.

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Yes, it was purposely made!


After this update, do I need to increase the amount of rudder I use in a crosswind takeoff? Or is this just on the ground where you need to tilt the device more?

I think you can turn them off in settings!

You will need to increase it I think, but don’t go to far as it increases exponentially now from my understanding.

I don’t think he thinks it’s a problem, lmao

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How are you sir. At first I thought the ailerons on the ground weren’t working either, but they do. It just requires a bit more tilt depending on ur sensitivity settings. Try to tilt ur device a bit more the next time ur taxiing and see if it turns. 👍🏿👍🏿
Also I’ve noticed that rudder sensitivity VARIES with groundspeed, so give it time to get used to. It’s really a great “fix” by the developers