New update causing me problems.

I have updated my infinite flight(app) and it seemed fine, the plane was added but when I flew it around my ordinary airport(EGLL) I got my frame rate droped for some reason, before the update the game went exellent at midium graphics. I have turned my graphics down to low but it still has low frame rates. Please help.

Have you tried clearing your cache? You can find this under the settings.


What will that basically do?

It clears the devices memory of all the scenery it is storing of old. So old scenery you effectively stream to your device is deleted to free up some space. It works, give it a go.


Are you flying online? If so go into settings and turn aircraft shown to low. That should help reduce the lag.

@OfficerTwentyone Did it work?

Yeah, for some secs before I go into the runway and it started to lag.