New Unknown Livery in the 77W?

I was looking at the beta testing post by Jason Roswell, and they always like to sneak things in. On the right side of the screen, do you think this is a new livery, or just the united livery? What do you think?



doesn’t look like the United Livery.

I think Aeroflot


Glad I’m not the only one to notice it. It’s aeroflot btw

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Aeroflot has a more gray fuselage, and the blue looks lighter in my opinion. Do you guys also see the blue undercarriage?

Yeah but if you look at the tail you can see the logo Of Aeroflot


Haha lol
Just asked myself this question 1 min ago

Fuselage is too light, and the engines look a little different.

I think it is the aeroflot new livery

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Yeah now that I think about it.

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You’ll just have to wait and find out 👀