New United Livery for CRJ-200

I don’t know about all of you but I love flying the CRJ and I love to fly the United livery. Every time I see a cool united Express CRJ route it is operated by a United CRJ-200, and we all know that the United Express livery is super super old on the CRJ-200, it was the only livery before the CRJ update, if you remember. So I have to replace that CRJ-200 with a CRJ-700 because I just really don’t want to fly that livery. So Infinite Flight, could you work some magic and add the new 2019 livery and the one that they still have today? That would be amazing!
Do you want the new United Livery on the CRJ-200?

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    Let me know in the comments and let me know about your thoughts on this!

Picture of what it would look like!

Go from this-

To this-image

Or the best one yet, the one that we all want, this-


Hi this is in general, and this is exactly what the #features catergory is for!
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