New United Livery for 772 Confirmed (Most Likely)!

Hello IFC!

This is my first post regarding v20.1 update and the only reason I am choosing to post this is because I know how popular the new United Livery is and how many people want it. With that being said, I am 99.99% sure we will be seeing the new United livery with v20.1. My source that I used to confirm this was Infinite Flight’s post about SIDs and STARS. If you look closely at the panel of the aircraft you will see that the registration code is N79011. That registration code is assigned to United’s first 772 that was rolled out with the new livery. Below I will leave an image of the photo from Infinite Flight (I zoomed in on it) as well as FlightRadar24’s image for N79011.



Freeze frame

Morgan Freeman narrator voice

“And what this user had not realised, is that speculation is not permitted”

End shot