New United livery coming soon?

So i watching the live from Oshkosh stream and it said breaking news New livery coming to infinite flight one of them said new United I got extremely happy because I like that livery but also the A320 cockpit was a live cockpit I know about the A320 live cockpit thing but will the New United livery be on the A320? I really want it to on the A320 and the 737

Be patient they don’t set dates it will come once update is ready.


It is likely that new liveries will come in the next update. As said by Misha, that is subject to change.


👌🏼 thanks!


Are you watching the live stream on Instagram?

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You can vote for the livery.

Before I was not now

Darn I want to watch but I don’t have social media lol

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When can we vote?

Same just took my GFs phone and watched

Here. At any time as long you still have votes remaining

Girlfriend. ‘Nother thing I can’t have😂

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Jk sorry that was off topic

Lol that’s funny

Yes let’s get on topic now

I really like that livery I’m fly to Orlando in 2 days so it’s a united plane 737 800 I hope it’s that livery

Can someone link the livestream? I haven’t seen it yet.

From what I’ve seen, I can’t wait for the A320 live cockpit to come soon

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pretty livery!

@UnitedGuy19 you’d be happy to know that United has an E175 painted with the new colors



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Wow it looks beautiful i can’t wait for the embraer rework