New ultra low cost airline in Australia (Bonza)

New Australia ultra low airline called Bonza has officially announced that it will be starting up their airline in around mid 2022. Former CEO of Virgin Blue (Virgin Australia) will be the CEO of the airline. It’s investment is backed by a US investment firm called 777 partners based in Miami. They will be an ultra low cost airline which will compete with Virgin Australia, Qantas Group (Jetstar and Qantas) and Rex Regional Airlines. Since the departure of Tiger Air due to COVID pandemic it has given room for a new airline to fill in the market and Bonza is taking that opportunity.

The airline will be focusing on mainly leisure regional routes around Australia but will still be trying to targeting smaller cities around Australia rather than focusing on big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They’re currently asking 45 airports across Australia if they want airports being served by Bonza. They wanting to start up routes which aren’t being currently being operated by another airline and doesn’t want to compete by route. They plan to be operating low frequency somewhere around 2-3 times a week on leisure routes at a very low price.

They want to be getting their customers point to point rather than use huge mega hub since it waste customers time sometime due having to connect to another airport. This will definitely help tourism in a time like this and gets tourism booming in small tourist places.

They intend to be using only the 737-8 MAX jets but its unclear how many aircraft there willing to purchase at this current time and will be just economy seats.

What are you’re guys thoughts? Will this airline be taking to the skies and last long?


Interesting, I think the Australian market could use another LCC as right now your only major choice is Jetstar, and there ain’t a problem with more competition in a market.

Also noticed that their livery rendering on the MAX had an additional door behind the wing, wondering if they could they go for the MAX-200? I mean, it is a variant of the MAX-8 (official business name is 8-200 after all). Guess we’ll just have to wait and see


hopefully Townsville will get involved!

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Very interesting, would really give a boost to the tourism industry once borders open up internationally.

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Ooh this looks pretty interesting. Exciting news!

For the airline to use a point-to-point, regional leisure travel market in a country which has been notoriously difficult to crack into is bold. To do it in MAX 8’s is even bolder.

I’d love to see which of the 45 airports they’ve approached will be serviced, and where they’ll be going to! It’ll definitely be a very interesting and diverse route network, so I hope it works out well for them!


Can’t wait to see if we get this livery if FDS ever do 737 Max aircraft

Apparently they will operate 2-3 Maxes, while focusing on new regional routes like Cairns-Hobart, Alice Springs-Gold Coast

Oh really?, I haven’t found a source which says that. Got a source by any chance?

Sounds… Inetresting.

Bonza is interesting because they will focus on regional routes where operaters haven’t started routes, creating their own demand. They have also had discussed with Boeing engineers about fitting the 737 Max 8s into regional airports 1

They will also be the first Australian airline to operate the 737 Max. They also seem to be quite shy about that, you might notice many news articles (including their own website!) referring to Bonza as operating the ‘737-8’. However Bonza will be operating the 737 Max, judging from the concept art.


looking forward to spotting it!

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Totally bonza mate


I’m pretty certain that’s because this is the name of the MAX. It wouldn’t be because they’re shy. The 737-8 is the business name for the Boeing 737 MAX 8

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Ohhh that would explain it, although others have pointed out that the concept art is either a Max 10 or Max 9, but that might just be the concept art that they chose

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super exited!

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