New trailer idea

Hey guys. I know some people want a new trailer for the app. I’m willing to make one. But I need your Guises help. Just send me in a video then I’ll put them together in a short AWESOME trailer.


Make sure to check for grammar while posting.
Word: Guises
Correction: Guys

Just wanted to point it out to you :)


I didn’t know how to spell it so I said it into siri

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Oh. Well, you learn something new everyday, even if it’s spelling a new word.


I think you might take a look to this topic.

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I saw that but I thought I’d rather make a new topic so my idea stands out

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I’m sure that FDS will make a new one when deemed ready. Laura just mentioned it would be obsolete soon if they made it now.

I would suggest creating one to the best of your abilities. Show it off to all of us on the forum. I’m sure it would get some great attention if done well. Make sure to be very professional with it. Nobody likes a poorly done trailer. I for one would watch it all the time! I would also be sure to put “fan made” at the end of the title on YouTube or on the forum, so it doesn’t subtract attention from the official trailer, or make people think this is official FDS work.

I wish you the best of luck,


I just need your best IF videos

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I’ve already found really good music

I talked about it being professional. Let me give you a few more pointers.

  • Don’t ask for help through the community. It should be something you take upon yourself to do. In this situation, it isn’t terribly expert to ask upon the community. When you created this idea you gave off the vibe that you were creating it. People may want to help, and that’s fine. But I would not go around asking. If you have something in particular, that’s fine. Like " I need a picture of the Concorde at 1300hrs on candy cane mountain" then that is okay.

  • Fantastic that you found the music! This should either be the first thing you do or the last thing. In your case it seems like the first thing so we will work from there. Now that you have the music, figure out its beat, understand the rhythm and tempo. Is it a fast song? Slower? Once you have this idea in your mind, start to draw out the trailer.

  • When you draw out the trailer in needs to be a play by play of what will happen, and when it will happen. If you want the video to change each beat write or draw it in. This is where you conceive every shot you will take. You need to know exactly where and when each section will be, and where it works within the music. Make sure the trailer has depth, and isn’t just a one faced video that will bore the viewer. Keep them interested, and involved. Use intriguing shots.

  • Once you have the trailer drawn out, prepared, and ready to rumble , you need to capture the actual footage. Now, since you already know which airport, what lighting, what plane, and what condition (see the step above) you don’t need to spend too much time figuring all of it out. Now it’s just getting and going. Perfect each shot, make sure AA and hugest quality graphics are on. Don’t include any UI, names, speeds, anything as such. Make it very cinematic. Take video or screenshots a gazillion times over, so many times that you can smell the perfection.

  • Combine all of this. The music, the video, anything extra. This could be the hardest part, editing the footage and getting it lined up where you need in the music. Spend extra time on this portion, this could easily ruin the entire trailer if done improperly.

  • Once completed watch it over and over again. Make sure that each scene is exactly the way you want it. When perfected, upload to YouTube and then share with the world. Facebook, forums, Twitter, you name it. Get us, as the viewers interested in your production and excited to see more.

I wish you well,


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