New Trailer for 2020?

Good morning, everyone.

I asked myself, is there going to be an Infinite Flight trailer unveiled for 2020?

Because I was very disappointed when I noticed that no trailer was posted in 2019… The latest one is for 2018 and it doesn’t really represent IF anymore with all the new additions now.


Hmm… good question, I’m sure if they make a new trailer or not it will be up to the staff to decide. Maybe they will maybe they won’t. Since they have so many great updates coming they might want to wait to show those off in a new trailer… who knows?

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I think there should be. The A350, A320, TBM, XCub and Upcoming 777 represent a new standard for the sim itself. Whatever the case may be if they decide to go through with it or not, I can’t wait for it.


I really hope they make a new one. Although we have to admit that none of them will replace the one from 2014. Lol


Are you referring to the play store video? Trailer is a general term…

It would be cool to have one. I would make one personally but

  1. Time
  2. Editing tools
  3. Would it be viewed?

It would be great to see a new one though. The most up to date is the 19.4 first look, although I think we must show off our entire fleet even if some are outdated. It doesn’t mean they don’t look appealing

@Chris_S yes I believe he is referring to a new official trailer for new buyers and advertising.

I’d call it ‘trailer’ since you are giving a trial and an experience to a user, potentially advertising to them, and making them want to buy it and try it for themselves.

Yes, because I find that the existing trailer does not show what Infinite Flight really is now.


This one’s been seen over 4 million times… Lol

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And the 2018 trailer more than 2 million times. So I sincerely think that this is not to be taken lightly.

I would love to create one since I can edit very professionally. How can I (as normal user) create it? Is that even possible?

Make one, wine post it in the #screenshots-and-videos category! You could be very lucky! Music would have to be non-copyrighted I believe.

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So it’s actually possible that Infinite flight will use my trailer if everything matches and they like it? Man I would start right now

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Yes exactly but it should be really good

Infinite Flight*

Yes, it is possible but I wouldn’t count on it…

Ups, my bad. Let’s see what I can do. It will take some time. Should I post the link to YouTube on the forum? I think the video size is too big for uploading it here


Just post on YT and after put the link in a thread.

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Your talking about UPS cargo 😂😂

This was a trash joke

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You guys are already customers… you don’t need a trailer video 😜


I can make a trailer 😏

But seriously, want me to make a trailer? Just to see what it’s like?

I’ve gotten really good at video editing. Even better than my latest IFCreation (Observe)

Posting this for @anon38496261 because he’s busy at the moment.

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ahhhhhhh the memories!