New "Touch&Go" Follow Up Commands for Pilots

I am not sure if this has already been requested, I could not find any topic that was related to this suggestion.

I bring you an additional feature for pilot’s atc menu where you will be able to state your intentions clearly to ATC when requesting “Inbound for Tough & Go”.

  • Inbound For Touch & Go, Remaining in Pattern
  • Inbound For Tough & Go, Departing (North, East, South and West)

The 2nd command may come in handy when ATIS showing (No Pattern Work Allowed).

What are your views on my suggestion?

Nice request, but feel like 95% of the time when pilots are inbound for T&G, it’s for pattern work.

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Hi there!

Couldn’t you just say requesting arrival to the north/east/south/west to show you want to leave the pattern, most are in the pattern to do T&G’s anyway not to do one pattern and depart. Personally I don’t think it is needed when developers could be working on other things… Good luck though!

Happy Flying :)