New topics disappearing.

Okay, during the night there was approx. 30 new topics. After reading 7 topics new topics started to disappear.


Now you can see that it shows 23 new topics, but it doesn’t show them in Suggested Topics.


After that I pressed the “23 New” wich brings me to new topics page.
But it shows no new topics.

This can be very annoying as I might miss out on some good feature requests, interesting conversations etc.

Before someone says to post this in Discourse Meta, I’ve already done that.
I posted this just to see if someone else has this.

This has happened to me as well.

Perhaps some got removed? Perhaps some passed the 2 day “new” time? Slow servers?

No, I have topics considered new when I haven’t viewed them yet.
Check my topic at Discourse Meta here:

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