New topic notification glitch

Hello. I’ve noticed, multiple times in the past couple of days, I’ve received a notification that there’s 1 new topic as shown in the picture below. When I click on It, there isn’t any new topic. Possibly a discourse glitch?

Steps I’ve taken:

  • Refreshed Page
  • Restarted device


Just ignore it, that’s probably you’re best bet.


I’ve noticed it a lot too - i just assumed the topic had been unlisted

(p.s read your unreads)


I’ve set every topic to ‘watching’, hence would’ve still been able to access it, but there wasn’t any new topic on my inbox.


I agree with @AtomicHerbster4 just ignore it :)

I see me!

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It could be topics made PM’s too.


This may be a different situation, but I get new/unread post notifications (those grey/blue bubbles next to the topic name) but there are no new posts/ I’ve already read those posts.

Though if he had set them all to watching then surely he would have got a notif but when he tried to enter would recieve “Sorry, you don’t have access” message?

I can still see the topic title on my inbox even in cases when topics are converted to PMs, but can’t access the matter in those topics.


You haven’t scrolled down far enough.

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It’s gonna be hard troubleshooting this unless you’re able to notify Discourse as it happens…


Possibly a topic that you muted @Jet_Airways_995? I noticed this a few weeks back after I started muting topics!

This also happens to me.

@Levet I checked, but I didn’t have any muted topics.

I guess it’s a discourse issue, since I experienced this issue a few more times after creating this topic.

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