New Topic: Fuel Calculator WIP

I’m Making A New Thread For The Fuel Calculator. This is the official thread, so please keep the informal conversation down.

You May Have Some Questions:

Q: What is it?

A: An Accurate Fuel Use Calculator, To Plan How Much Fuel You Should Use While Flying With A Flight Plan. (Assuming you stick to it, of course. I’d pack a little extra, to account for deviation from flight plan.

Q: How Accurate Will It Be?

A: Since Understanding How Accurate This Calculator Should Be on it’s own, not yet accounting for pilot deviation, is extremely important, I can’t yet say.

Q: When Will It Be Available?

A: There is no telling. My current schedule is hectic, and I still have tons of data to collect for each aircraft. It’s gonna take a while, to say the least.

Q: Do You Need Help?

A: Of Course! Help Would Greatly Be Appreciated, Even If You Can Only Collect Data For Me!

Q: How Can I Be Of Assistance?

A: PM Me With What You Want To Help With. I am currently using an Excel Spreadsheet to store Collection of data, and proficiency in Excel Will Help YOU Collect, Store, And Extrapolate the data you get.

I could also use a Web Designer, To Make A Website.

Update: Progress Has Been Resumed On The Fuel Calculator. It will be pretty accurate, but here’s what I’d need.

Distance To Destination:
Ground Speed To Travel At:
Every Descent/ Climb, And At What Power Level: (Also What VS) (I will update the formula so that instead of Power level, i just need to know when you do your Descent/Climb, and what speed.)

Every other piece of information will be stored for each individual plane ready to be recalled when that aircraft is selected.

People Helping: (Thanks A Ton!)


So is this a revamp of the fuel remaining or will it add more accessible information as well?
Edit: I think you’re doing it yourself, disregard.


is this really necessary? simbrief already gives you all this information when making a FLP

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… If you don’t want this, I don’t have to spend all these hours of my life working on it. but if that’s what you want, then you’d be doing the entire community a

Anyway, It doesn’t matter if it’s necessary. Innovation isn’t “neccessary”, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

But especially for VAs, itd be useful to be able to pack as little fuel as possible, this increasing fuel efficiency. Simbrief Can give a ballpark estimate, but this data and these formulas I have gotten Can and will get you as close to the minimum as possible while remaining safe. THATS why it IS necessary.


Glad you’re doing this for the community sir, if you ever need any help with flight testing or whatnot, just let me know, I’d be more than happy to help!


Are you going to use Infinite Flight’s physics models or models from real life?

If you plan on using IF’s numbers, I could see how this program could have an edge over other things like (SimBrief) because I’ve found in the past that fuel numbers aren’t 100% spot-on when using SimBrief for IF (due to the slight inaccuracies in IF physics).

But if you plan on using numbers from real life aircraft, you’ve got some pretty stiff competition. (SimBrief) gives you your flight plan and your optimal cruise altitude, and you’re also able to choose how many passengers, how much cargo, etc. It will even tell you what altitude you should be at when approaching a given waypoint/coordinate (for step-climbing), what speed to go at between each waypoint/coordinate, a suggested VS speed between each point, etc.
The point is, the fuel amount that SimBrief calculates takes all of these factors into account, which often helps the accuracy of the fuel data be quite close (for a free program) to real life numbers. (And don’t forget about weather as well; I believe that SimBrief will use real-life weather information and forecasts to plan the route/fuel.)

I’m not in any way doubting your work; I know that you plan to put many hours of effort into this program.
But I’m just giving you a brief reminder about the obstacles your calculator may need to overcome if you expect a large amount of users.

Also, what kind of data will you need? Flight data from IF? You could let me know, and I could try to help out some if you’d like.

Yeah, mainly flight data from IF. I have several formulas that could work, but I just need testing.

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