New to Training Server with questions

Hey guys I was just allowed into the training server and I have thousands of questions so if anyone has time please comment below and I can start asking thank you


I have a block schedule in school today, ask away.

I’m here to answer. Congrats on reaching grade 2!

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Ask away, would be happy to help

After I take off and contact departure, how do I know which altitude to fly at he is they do not tell me?

Thank you. First I want to figure out ATC. I contact ground until I’m at the runway which then I’m transferred to the tower but when do I contact departure? And when flying to my next destination do I have to to contact every airport that I cross by or if I’m above a certain flight level can I stay free of all frequencies?

Climb to your cruise altitude normally. Departure does not need to tell you. Check in, then don’t say anything else.

Tower will hand you off to departure.

Stay clear of all frequencies. Approach airspace goes to 18000 feet AAL and tower 5000 feet AAL so there is no need to tune into anything. This won’t happen on expert server, but training server may have inexperienced controllers that n guard you anyway.

You stay on the ground frequency until you are 1st in line to take off. Then you switch to tower and request take off.

You go to whatever frequency that tower hands you off to. Sometimes it may be approach acting as departure, sometimes it may be departure, but most of the time they will just say “Frequency change approved” which means to tune out of tower and not connect to anything else.

This is an older tutorial but it may help. It has some good links to others.


When you take off, in order to contact departure make sure:

  1. You had complete all the ATC’s take-off requirements. Example: Fly runway heading until or above 5000 ft, straight out departures…
  2. You must be far enough of airport
  3. You must have passed ATC range (5.000 ft vertically) prior to contact departure unless ATC allows you to change frec. earlier.

When you contact departure, they will guide you until FL180 (18.000 ft) where you exit airspaces.

When climbing or cruising above FL180 you are extent of contacting dept/appr frec.


This is not always necessary and applied 😀

Usually Tower would hand off an departing aircraft to Dep/Appr frequency once an aircraft is 1000FT AGL.


First of all, WELCOME!!

Second, I’m here if you would like to ask questions! Also, feel free to PM me anytime you want a chat about flying, controlling (and anything else, even non related to IF).


For transitions and such, yes. However, tower on-guards at 10,000 AAL. If you’re flying into an airport that’s within 25nm of a field with active ATC, I recommend staying with your device, as tower may on-guard you in order to get your intentions.

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Also make sure you have a flight plan. That is the easiest way for controllers to see your intentions.

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Thank you. There is so much to learn

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Thank you, so in summary I have to stay on the runway heading until 5000’ and once i am passed 5000’ I can switch from the tower to departure and once i hit 12000’ I can leave from departure

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Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time 😉

18000ft to switch to departure

At 18000’ I am allowed to change from the tower to departure or I can leave from all frequencies? Sorry

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