New to training server, anything I should know?

I know the violations.
I’ve finally left the annoyance and exasperation.
75 more hours of flight time.
In grade 3 I’ll be at my prime.
I have one problem though.
Something I wish to know.
How do I get adapted to ATC?
This is a plea.
IFATC don’t come for me.

How do I learn a tad bit more about ATC?

I’ve heard about the user guides but don’t know how to reach them.

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

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Y E S.

Avoid KLAX and EGLL, you will thank me later 😉

Training Server is for ‘Training’ its fine if you don’t know everything, it all comes with practice in the end, no-one starts a pro-pilot… The User Guide is the place to start though, look at the tutorials, study up on procedures and all of a sudden everything will begin to make sense.

Good Luck my friend for Training Server is really where you begin to know the true extent of this wonderful simulator!


Hi there!

Reaching the training server is a great achievement, as you said, you get to experience human ATC for the first time. On a pilot side, be aware that ATC in the TS are also learning, so they might make some mistakes and also some trolls.

On an ATC side, you can learn more about ATC from the user guide, linked below. There are also a couple of useful tutorials on the official YouTube account of Infinite Flight. Make sure to check them.

If you are really interested in ATC, I highly suggest to apply to IFATC when you meet all the requirements that are listed in the IFATC recruitment topic linked below.

Also, you can make an ATC tracking thread, where pilots in the IFC will come and evaluate your ATC skills. It is also a great way to bond with some members and know more about air traffic controlling. There’s an useful tutorial about it that I also linked below.

Last but not least… make sure to have fun!


Violations you should be aware of:

  • Exceeding 35 kts when taxiing (IRL limit is 30)
  • Exceeding 260 kts below 10000ft (IRL limit is 250 unless high speed climb in heavy aircraft)
  • Overspeed
  • Aerobatics (go to casual for that plz)
  • Holding on a runway for a minute (something like that)

Also be aware of airports with a lot of people cuz those tend to be a mess (or event in progress). ATC can’t ghost on training.

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That is the greatest tip ever. You should also avoid JFK too


Try and find a nice VA that appeals to you and that accepts grade 2 pilots. This will get you acclimated to flying with VA’s.

Let’s try to avoid turning people away from airports… Heathrow, LAX, and JFK are all really good airports, and users are free to fly wherever!

Runway idle?

If they are looking for a realistic experience do avoid those airports. But yes they arnt to bad sometimes.

To add on, don’t use “remaining in pattern” ramdomly (unless you are doing pattern work)

You can’t have a realistic experience at these airports? You can always set a good example if others are not.

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Make sure not to use 25R at LAX for landings


tbh training server isn’t that much better. It’s basically casual with rules and atc

Other than that listen to ATC (even if they’re wrong) and that’s it.

If you don’t listen, nothing will happen but it’s good to listen now and get in the habit.

I will try and take it as serious as possible. Learn departures and arrivals. And try doing some ATC practice it helps you understand what the ACT’s are trying to tell you when you’re flying

Hi, ATC can’t really “come for you” until you reach the expert server, so don’t worry about that. Also don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

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