New to this help please

So I just downloaded this app on my droid. And I paid the $5 now what should I do? How do I get experience and stuff? Help!?!

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I did that

Buy a Live Subscription.
You earn XP for flight time and especially for (good) landings.
It’s a realistic flight simulator, there isn’t a goal.

Are you pursuing IF Live or solo?

So can I play this on a computer or its it mobile device only?

Mobile only for now.

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Idk trying both to see what works. What would you do?

I fly solo only because mutliplayer is not in my interests. Live is if you want to fly with other players, experienced and inexperienced.

Your choice

Get live. or get the $50 live plan because with that you unlock all planes/regions for free and you can use it in solo mode and live mode. and u have live for a year if you have the money or did what i did before Live came out buy the few planes you like (ill give suggestions if you want) and regions

planes you buy in solo work in live, same for live
also with regions

I’ll take suggestions. I already bought the $5 one so I’ll stick with that for now

what type of planes do you like? if small get the cessina citation x or big get the 777-300er since u have the 747-400 for free. Look them up on youtube and see which ones you like :)

You should start with the tutorial lessons in Infinite Flight.
On the main screen click on the “?” mark at the top right and select “Take off lesson” and “Introductory flight”.You will be starting off with the Cessna 172 in both lessons.

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Ok will do. What is an advance server. For the Hawaiian airline event?

advanced server is for super realistic expierence. you can ghosted (kicked) if you don’t follow rules, its fun but rarely anyone is on. you need 25k xp and 100% standing

The advanced server has a group of selected and trained controllers. Some of them are real world controllers and pilots. It’s not really difficult to participate. All you need to do is learn the basics of IF first and then follow the directions they give you.

Trying to explain it would make it seem more difficult than it really is. You just need to start flying on a live server and it will all come together. You can start on the free flight server where there are no violations to be concerned about while you start learning the sim.

It really is worth the extra $5 to try it out for a month. For me, the live weather is enough reason to get Live.

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Ok well I’ve done that and it said salling yoke