New to the infinite flight community

I just started on The infinite flight community any thing I should know?


Make sure read the rules

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welcome. Please read this :

Welcome to the IFC. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome to the IFC hope you enjoy the IFC

Thank you everyone

Welcome to the IFC! Enjoy your time here! You can always PM me for any questions you have 👍

same here, i am glad to be part of this great community, every one is so helpful and welcoming

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Welcome mate! Happy to have you part of the community :)


Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to Infinite Flight Community! These threads can help you to start here! And please make sure you check #meta:forum-guide for Community Guidelines!

Misha’s threads can help you to know our forum!
A Beginners Guide to the forum

Welcome to Infinite Flight Community

And now you are a Trust Level 0 Member, for more information of the Trust Level, please read this thread

Why have I not reach trust level (X)

If you have any question about reporting (violations), you should read Chris’s Thread!

Inquiring about Ghosting / Reports

You can’t make a nice thread? No problem! Check here!

How To Use The Infinite Flight Community || Formatting Guide

Do you want to become a Controller to control Expert Server? Check Tyler’s thread! I am sure it will help you!

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Finally, The user guide is also very important, check here

User guide

We also have many wonderful and useful guide on the forum, Check it!

Still have questions? Ask moderators! I am sure they will help you!


Welcome to the Community… happy landings!

Ah the casual I would say. Be yourself!

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Hey there! Welcome!

Welcome aboard!

I suggest taking couple of days to watch and learn the forum dynamics before posting and replying - just like you’d do in real life when joining a bunch of people that already know each other.

See you in app

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