New to the IFC

Hi guys I need help I am new so can somebody help me here.


I’ve been here for a little bit I might be able to help you so what’s going on?


By the way welcome to the community!


Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

Have a read of these mate.

Frequently Asked Questions


welcome to the community! I can help a lil bit! So first of all, when you post, make sure its in the right category and on topic/appropriate so you dont get flagged/ banned. If you click on the infinite flight logo on the top left, you can see what the moderators/ other users are currently doing! You can join group flights, do a FNF (Friday night flight) Or respond to others. There is also a PM system, which is basically messages or DM on instagram. Anything else you are curious about?


You won’t get banned for little things like that :)

But welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I recommend you check out the About the XX Category posts at the top of each category, as well as these posts regarding TLs;

Note for the second on the requirements have been altered for this forum to make it about being helpful and productive, not achieving a number.


Welcome to IFC!
If you would like to create a request you must reach TL2 and check to make sure it’s not a duplicate. Then you can post it in #features

If you need help within the app or reporting a problem use


You can find more help in:


You can also find landing tutorials etc there.

If you require moderator help. The mods are active almost 24/7 and will reply to you quickly.

Welcome to the community!

We are glad to have you as a part of this wonderful Community! We look forward to seeing you around, whether that’s on the forum, or in the skies! Make sure to check out the topics the users above have posted as they contain all the basics regarding the forum.

See you around!

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A friendly tip, be sure to check regularly for updates, developers are working hard to make Infinite Flight a better experience for all pilots so just be sure that every other day or so that you’re checking and seeing if there’s an update because you never know when something new may pop in.

Well looks like everyone has this covered, so I will just peek my head around the corner to say:

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community! Get settled in, and have fun!

I love it:))


Welcome to the community @Stubek

Thank you mate

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