New to the community

Well I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a few years now but haven’t gotten involved in the community because I haven’t really known how I really enjoy this and I’m looking forward to meeting new people any help would be really appreciated LOL LOL


Welcome! Here’s some great reading material to get you started!


Forgot these two, but they are great to look at too…

Sorry for bombarding you with text but all three of those will get you on really solid footing, we would all be happy to sense any questions. 😁

Be happy, and enjoy your time here!

If you ever need help, feel free to ask. Make sure you’re familiar with all the guidelines before posting, search before you post, and have a great time with us! Enjoy you’re time here!

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Welcome to the community!

Feel free to Pm or reply to me if you need anything at all, questions, group flights, etc. I’m happy to help!

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