New to the community


Hey guys I’m new to the community enjoying flying the expert servers great experience great simulator I will say now that I have reached grade 3 it’s a much better experience! I would like to learn more and I’m not sure how to really work the community page yet I’m interested in atc training. Any tips or pointers would be great thanks!


Is there anything specific that you would like to dive into and know more about other than ATC training? :)


hey @Highflyer ATC training is what you were wanting right? go to #atc and find out on how to be an IFATC

Go to this link


Here’s the ATC side of things for you. Also Welcome!!


Yes actually how do I get my speed over 350nts is it different when you fly different altitudes?




KIAS = Knots Indicated Airspeed can’t he above 350kts unless you fly a Military Fighter Jet. For commercial jets flying past 350kts is not allowed and would in real life cause structural damage to the fusalage.

Also no commercial jet flies at 350kts. And as you probably know, be aware of that maximum speed is 250kts under 10000ft and above 10000ft the maximum is 350kts. But fighters may go much faster than that since the design allows them to and they are generally allowed as they will need to fly fast when it comes to arial combat for training and attacking enemy during war.

The speed you see on top of other players planes is the Ground Speed and is something else and measured mainly when on the ground to know how fast you’re taxiing for an example.


Thankyou so much learning something new everyday!


Happy to help :)

Any more questions that may pop up, don’t hesitate to ask. We all here are happy to assist in the best possible way!


There’s also this thread for more in app questions.


I appreciate it! Ha I noticed your call sign I flew over you the other day! Bok bok chicken you we’re flying a dash-8-q400 we where flying in between LTBA and LTAI lol


If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask or PM me at any time if needed. Great to have you on board here.


😂 I thought for a moment your were attempting to copy my name, welcome anyway!


😂 too funny thanks I appreciate it✌🏻


Welcome to the community.
Here are some things you can also do to sharpen your ATC skills,

  • Check our the ATCEG Instagram, and you can sign up on the emails. You can also check out the website.
  • Check our Tyler’s videos on YouTube, they can be found in the #tutorials
  • Submit a atc training form
  • Start an ATC Tracking thread
    Hope these will help,
    Happy flying


Welcome, I’m new also… about a month and it’s hard to sift thru the fog sometimes…


Welcome @Highflyer!! If you need help we’re here.


I think he’ll find that very helpful. Make sure to check out some of the time lapses to!