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Hello To all aviationist. My name is FNC13 and i am happy to say i am joining the community. i live in the AK and have been playing since before the scenery update (the big one). i will hopefully soon do a event soon but if u ever see me at an active airport in a military aircraft, if u want to, u can tag along as an escort.
Keep Flying-FNC13 (P.S, Not a high ranked pilot but very good.)


Hey Frederick! Welcome to the community of Infinite Flight. Here you can find anywhere from #real-world-aviation:spotting to #screenshots-and-videos and much more!

Here is a free plane! (Sorry about the logo)

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Welcome to the forums!

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Hello, and welcome. Enjoy yourself!

How long will it take for someone to post the standard copy/paste welcome post with all the 1678 links to all information topics?



I am so happy you are joining this community! This is really a fantastic place to y’all about fellow aviation enthusiasts and even pilots! Everyone so extremely kind so you will most definitely meet some friends! I have attached a couple links below to help you get the most out of the Infinite Flight Community:

Beginners Guide:

Trust Levels:

There are so many fantastic things to do here! My personal favorite about the Infinite Flight Community is the people. You will never meet anyone like these members. They are always here to help, and even talk! My second favorite thing is the Virtual Airlines. You can find out more about them below:

Virtual Airline Information:

IFC Virtual Airlines:

I am so happy you joined us! If you need any help or have any questions, or just want to talk, feel free to Private Message me! I am always on (way too much. It’s a problem), so don’t be afraid to say Hi!


As Marc said,


Most likely 2 minutes. @Marc. @Plane-Train-TV’s comment answered that.

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So predictable 😂

Thanks everybody i can’t wait to have fun.

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