New to the community , asking for help on a320

Hi guys, I am new to this community , and I’m starting to learn from the a320. Are there any advice on this plane ? Like speed reference and trim settings etc. Thanks for all your kind helps. Appreciated.

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The A320 is a fantastic aircraft to learn to “flare”. We can’t help you out in the speed department since it all depends on your weight and balance.

Now: Flaring. So if you don’t know go to google and find out what flaring is, basically on the A320 you’ll need to balance the aircraft out until 20-30ft before flaring to touch down. Being a more recent aircraft to IF it does have ground effect which will affect your touch down. Trim will partially fix this…

I can’t really help you to much more. Have a go, have fun and practise! See you in the skies.


Thanks for the kind reply. May I know what ground effects mean ? Thanks.

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I’ll give you a basic description.

Ground effect is the floating effect which takes place a few feet from touch down. Usually if you flare a little to much… ground effect likes to pull up your aircraft. If you don’t flare enough you’ll have a very hard touch down.


Usually touch down at 135 knots.

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Thanks guys so normally when landing how much VS or G force count as smooth / hard landing ??

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Landing: 130-140 knots, flaps full, adjust pitch and throttle for vertical speed -500 -600 Feet/ min, gear down spoilers armed. When you are 20-10 Feet from the ground throttle 0 pull a little bit the nose of the airplane up to slow down. At touchdown full reverse and at 60 knots brakes.
Take off: flaps 2, throttle 60% and when stable increase to 80-90%, when you arrive at 140 knots pull the yoke and adjust the vertical speed normally 1000-2000 max 3000 f/min, gear up and retract the flaps for 0 flaps at 200 knots. This is very simplified but it works. Don’t touch the trim until you have more confidence with the plane.


Thanks for the detailed comment. Much appreciated. It feels like the a320 is harder to land than the Boeing 787 … It’s much floaty IMO. BTW, why sometimes I got the callout like 100 ,50, 30 feet from the ground and sometimes it doesn’t tell me how high I m from the runway ? Any other method to check that instead of relying on the callout?

The only other way to know the vertical distance between your plane and the runway is knowing the airport altitude. You find it on the map. You have to select the destination airport and this information will appear. The rest is only maths

The callouts for your altitude before landing will be called at 2500ft, 1000ft,500ft,400ft,300ft,200ft,100ft,50ft,40ft,30ft,20ft,10ft.
It helps you to make your landing much smoother because you don’t have to concentrate you at your altitude.
You can only the callouts when you are in HUD view (view 1) or cockpit view (view 2).

The A320 is a beast to land. I never have good landing with that plane, I always have hard landings

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