New to our Fleet!

It’s always a great day when you receive a new aircraft to our fleet,
This week we introduce our newest Bell 212HP! I personally have dubbed her the Blue Berry

With in the upcoming weeks we have two or three new helicopters being introduced to our fleet!
Hopefully with the new arrivals you all can experience the enjoyment of a new helicopter!

Pictures of Company product is authorized through our Public Relations Team and approved for public posting


Can I just ask what airline you are part of? Or whatever the name for a company who flys helicopters. I think it is airline but I’m not sure

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I’m with Pathfinder Aviation based in Homer, Ak. We’re a 135 Air Carrier.


Im not sure if this is military terminology but where is the FOB located (your “shipping hub”)

So the Military term for an FOB is Forward Operating Base, we don’t have one since we’re not Military.
Our main base is Homer and Anchorage, Alaska.

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Ya sorry, just didn’t know what else to call it. Its pretty neat of your new helicopter shipments.


Thank you! We’re very excited have this new ship! We recently added a new AS350B3 to our certificate too!

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Nope just me showing off our newest ship! :)

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