New to Live

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for over a year now and just bit the bullet and purchased a year live subscription.


Nice to know, let us fly togather soon

Nice mate! :) Here’s a tipp: Follow the instructions of the ATC Controller [[always]]

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Thanks, I would love to. And love to learn as much as I can since this is the closest i’ll ever be to a real airline pilot :)

Oh definitely! Thanks for the tip.

And when you reached Grade 3 , fly on Advanced. :D

Haha, definitely in the plans but got a lot of work before making Grade 3. I am thinking for now I want to start practicing doing some ATC work in the playground, and keep practicing my flying on solo until I get better at that.

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Welcome to IF live+ ! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about ATC operations or commands. I’m always happy to help. :)

Just a suggestion before you go strait on the playground server get to grade 2 on free flight so you get the basics of live this is what I did when I got grade 2 I went on playground and got grade 3 now I go on advanced (not always) and my greatest tip is to learn from your mistakes

Good suggestion, I will work on that in free flight.

Welcome to the forum.

Feel free to ask questions but check befour you search because your question may have already have been answered. For ATC realism and professionalism I strongly suggest you be taught befour proceeding with your test to join the ranks of IFATC. Playground will only lead to fustration and rage.

There are indeed many tutorials on how to control. I will post them after this post.

@MrOX1983 welcome.
I am doing a big Zello event this afternoon at 5PM EDT, 9PM Zulu and I would love for you to join us. Check out the events post for more info.

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ATC Training Team Here are the scouters indeed they are willing to help you. Just choose your wished trainer and leave them a message and they will be more than happy to help.

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting Be sure to leave a message for a recruiter once you are certain that you are ready for the procedures will hopefully lead you to being part of IFATC. For more information read the link provided for this very section.

Lastly please be sure to check out the infinite flight YouTube channel they post very good and learnful content.

Thank you very much indeed


So is @ella.dunshea


Thanks all, I am Grade 2 now and just keep practicing.

Welcome! Look forward to flying with you, or shouting ATC commands at you. Whichever comes first :)

Lel shouting… You’re like so new and you wanna shout at another newbie who joined on the same day as you did…

Are you both related? xD

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When I do ATC it always sounds like it’s shouting to me. Most likely due to several aircraft trying to send messages at the same time. Though I do appreciate your comment

Or maybe it’s just your TTS lol

Nothing is more frustrating when in the ATC playground people just completely disregard ATC and do what they want.