New to live,how to join VA?

So I got live and after getting used to it,I’m ready for a VA. Sorry about my spelling but I’m typing this on a tablet. So does anybody know how to join a va? I’m not looking for advertising . Just wanna know how.

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Look in the top right corner for the search bar and type in virtual airline database. Here you will see every active va


Then follow the website or community page for instructions each VA is different

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After some searching a found a link that automatically joins a top notch VA for you. This is the link:

Redwings is great, make sure you join us!

Just go on the website, and hit join us, fill out the form, and your done!

Hi just go to Great Mountains page or the Venture website and sign up if you would like we’d love to have you at our airline.

Please dont advert your VA here!
He has just asked how to join, no which is better.