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Hello IF community ! I’m only 15 but I really love aviation and recently discovered infinite flight. I am currently on training server but I was wondering if there are any tips or things I should know as a new flyer ?


Welcome to the community Hayden! It’s really great to have you with us! I’d definitely recommend checking out the flying guide, it contains really helpful information. If you have any questions about anything along the way, please feel free to let me know!
Enjoy your time here mate!

I want to add on:

What’s in the works:

F/A-18E Rework
E-175 Rework

Infinite Flight doesn’t set release dates

Hello @Hayden_Pearce welcome to Infinite Flight we’re glad to see that you chose Infinite flight simulator one of the best mobile flight sims out there things to know to become an excellent pilot or ATC. 1. And formost I would recommend checking the Fly guide to teach you how about fly different aircraft and different features in IF. 2. Check the Infinite Flight YouTube channel we’re they teach pilots around the word in IF how to fly different aircraft and different features in IF. 3. Read the infinite flight blog in different updates and new things that will be added to the sim of Infinite Flight. 4 Learn how to talk to ATC, ATC plays a big role when getting into higher servers such as Expert server e.t.c. 5. And lastly Have fun

Safe travels happy flying.

Last regards @FLIGHT_G_YT

And also join the Discord server, lots of group flights happening everyday and its a great chance to link up with so many other pilots like you and chat with them…and fly wity them.
Like others have said flying guide, YouTube, And IF blog .
Those are top 👌 , Take your time also
The community is always here to help!
Welcome 🙏

First of all, welcome to Infinite Flight. To a lot of us, this isnt just a game or simulation. Yes the graphics and scenary isnt the best looking. But the community feel is what seperates IF to other simulators. There will always be someone to help you, fly with, train with. And once you have reached grade 3, you will be able to join a Virtual Airline. What is a Virtual Airline may you ask? It’s basically adding realism to your IF experience, you can fly with organisation’s that do base a lot of IRL airlines, BA, Qantas, KLM/AirFrance. These are just a few of Virtual Airlines that literally follow the same routes and procedures as the real life airline. You can rank up with VA’s, unlock more aircraft, get recognised. Have a tag that show’s on IF of which organisation you are part of, and many more. If you want to look into this, just search up IFVARB on this forum and they have a link to their website with all the VA’s on :)

IFVARB Staff Member, BAVA Pilot, Lufty Flight Manager

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Welcome to the IF Community.

This is going to be a major one if you are interested on flying onto the expert server. If you are, always remember to follow ATC instructions and I can’t stress that enough. In training you don’t have the risk of getting reported, but that risk is very real in Expert. Getting a Level 2 or 3 violation stays on your record for at least 365 days and if you get enough of them, you run the risk of getting banned from the Expert Server for 365 days. Always make sure you follow the flying guide which you can find here:

Welcome to IF!

You’ll find there’s a great community here, I’ve been here since last November and I’ve enjoyed every day.

You’ll also find that, while Infinite Flight allows for plenty of go where you want, fly what you want however you want… That’s there’s also a core of pilots who absolutely love every bit of realism and try to fly real world flights, with the planes actually used, even matching airline and flight number.

Somewhere in that range of totally free solo flights to IRL flight copying with matching ATC, I’m sure you can find an experience you’ll enjoy…

See you around!


Hey Hayden! Welcome to Infinite Flight and the community. Allow me to Introduce myself sir, my name is Chris, but you may also refer to me as Chief. I’ve been in the community for quite a few years now and been playing IF for over 7 years, this simulator was most definitely responsible for my love and aspirations within Aviation, and I’m sure it will have the same effect on you as well. Now, before heading to the skies I definitely recommend checking out our tutorials so you can familiarize yourself with the rules we have up in the skies, it will save you a lot of future headaches and streamline your experience with the sim. While you’re at it, check out our forum rules so you can also have a good experience here with others.

If you ever want to take a flight with me, do not think twice about PM’ing me and we can work something out, I’m always happy to fly with everyone in the community especially new members.

Cheers and welcome


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Welcome. PM me and we could fly together!


Also exclusive WIPS.

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practice. Over time you’ll find yourself getting better at flying, and it’ll become more automatic (if that makes sense)

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