New to Infinite Flight

Hi I’m Ronzeecuts a Barber! I found this simulator and wanted to give it a try. I’ve only learned how to take off and I’ve landed once or twice but I really just don’t understand anything in game. I’ve watched videos on YouTube to try to steer me in the right direction but I literally have no knowledge of being a pilot (which I’ve wanted to do all my life) . Is there anything I could do to learn how to fly?


You can as you said watch the tutorial videos on the different aircraft and maybe PM me and I can do a private session over the week maybe??


Also welcome to IF and IFC

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Thanks man I would like to maybe take a private class with you. Watching the videos I still couldn’t understand what anything meant or why things had to be done a certain way. So if you could bro that would be very helpful to me!


No Problem Sometimes the Videos don’t work that well the basics are follow ATC to start aircraft Turn on Main Battery And APU
Turn on nab lights and make FPL

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Hello! Welcome! First to get your journey started, check out the community tutorials on YouTube. Also, I’m open to help out so just send me a PM here on the forum and we’ll get things sorted 😊

Once again, welcome!


Hey Mate,

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!!!

I was exactly in the same boat as your a couple of years ago.

The best thing for you would be to head into solo mode and experiment. you can spawn on short final (mid_air) and practice your landings and also takeoffs. i suggest if you havent already get a pro subscription and fly in a small airport first with a few other aircraft. then head to medium sized airports with ATC.

Happy flying on your Infinite Flight journey!



What’s up man? 😃

Don’t be discouraged by having a tough time at first; I started with smashing landings and taking off at 100% throttle and stuff 😂 Now I butter landings, can hand fly really smoothly, and complete any length flight (and other stuff)

Just stay motivated, keep learning and practicing, and feel free to reach out to the community if you need something 👍


yeah same here for me about 3 years ago. my first flight was Sydney to the pacific ocean.

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Welcome to virtual aviation where virtual pilots alike have joined to share a common interest. I can remember when I started nearly 2 year ago. I was a nervous wreck 😂 but after watching the great videos on IF YouTube channel, I’ve come to enjoy many many hours or fun flying. The best thing to do from experience is to just watch every video to familiarize yourself with the different aircraft (I suggest starting smaller and work your way up. Good luck and hope to see you in the sky!!

Sounds just like me now! 😂

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Appreciate the encouragement brother! Maybe soon I’ll see ya in the air!


sure will haha. my callsign is= (QVG)ybtl.aviation

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I can’t say my story is the same - I’ve been flying simulators since Commodore computer days, and years ago i got my first three hours of instruction in the air.

It might sound a little weird, given that you just found a truly realistic place to fly… But a good starting place might be a game like “Flight Pilot Simulator 3D”. There are a butt ton of similarly named ones, but that exact name will get you a solid beginner experience, without the ton of expectations that might come up here.

Once you’ve gotten up a few levels in that simpler environment, you should be just familiar enough with the basics that coming back here should be much less of a learning curve.

All of this can be both overwhelming, and deeply satisfying when you master a part of the piloting experience… I know I’ve enjoyed starting to meet other pilots here, and it’s been a great few months.

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Hello and welcome to IF and IFC, I was once new too. 😁

You can press the User Guide on the top of your screen, it has helped me a lot with start up the engines, how to make a flight plan, how to taxi, how to use the new feature auto brake, etc!

Hope to see you in the skies soon! 🙏🏻🙂

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Hey, so great to have a new member in the community, if you want, I can show you the basics of flying on Infinite flight

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I am not sure which tutorials you have watched, but in case you haven’t, I would recommend you this playlist created by the developers:


Hello and welcome to IF . Myself started about 3 months ago using solo , practicing with different types of aircraft on different size airfields. Feeling the game before purchasing pro . , learning to program flight plans , fuel and cargo weights for each destination, learning to land without auto pilot in all weather conditions and with auto pilot descending heights on programme flight paths down to landing height. All fun really , take your time and enjoy IF

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Welcome to the IFC (Infinite Flight Community)! It’s awesome to hear that you are wanting to start flying. To begin flying, I recommend starting off in game with a single prop plane, specifically the Cessna 172, Cirrus SR22, TBM 930, and Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. I personally used the C208 which has great flight characteristics and plenty of power. I would also recommend flying at a large airport say KLAX or EGLL (on SOLO). Here, you have a very wide and long runway where you have plenty room for error. Additionally, you can to circuits at these airports with “parallels” by taking of on one runway, doing a 180 turn and landing on the other runway facing the other direction. Shoot me a PM sometime I would love to work with you!

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As you can see this community is full of great and kind people!

Welcome in the IFC!