New to Infinite Flight

Hi my name is thian and I’m new to infinite flight simulator

Quick question how can I creat a pro account for infinite flight pro


Hello! Welcome to the community! To create a pro account, Tyler posed a helpful video on YouTube called “Managing your infinite flight account in 20.2”. I wasn’t able to get a link to it, but you can find it on the apps official YouTube channel!

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Welcome! Happy to have you here!! 🎉

Welcome mate! Have fun exploring everything and don’t hesitate asking questions :)

Welcome to Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community. It’s great to have you here.

Don’t hesitate to ask away if you have any questions about anything.

I also recommend checking out some of these topics that I’ve linked below for you:

Looking forward to seeing you around in the skies and in the community!

Hey there, and welcome to the community!

In there, there’s a whole section that shows you how to set up your account

Hope this helps, and hope to see you on the future!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you aboard.