New to infinite flight

Hi. I’m new to this game. How do you select a landing destination in solo mode. I can take off from various airports. But not sure how you select a landing destination. Please help. Never used any flight simulator games before so I’m a complete novice. Any tips or advice.

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Welcome to the community, Sieatock!

You can select an airport that you want to land at by simply taping on the dot/button farthest from the airport, which is perpendicular to the runway.

You may use waypoints to have these approaches in your flight plan aswell.



Simply file a flight plan, and follow it to your destination airport :)
This may be helpful as well:

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Well it’s a open sim you have to guide the plane to the destination or use the auto pilot. But the way points can help you. You add them by itching the one you want and tapping the + Button

If you would like to spawn in on final, select your airport and click one of these buttons to choose your runway.

If you are spawned in and would like to file a direct flight plan, then follow these instructions:

  1. Find your destination airport

  2. Click on the blue circle

  3. Once you have clicked the blue circle, click the little “plus” button.

Welcome to the IFC :)

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Just heads up while doing that you have to be ready to take full control on those approaches

I’m still struggling. I click on a spot perpendicular to the run way and press fly. It just then brings me on a final approach and lands on grass. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I want to fly say from Amsterdam and either fly to another airport close by or fly around and land back in Amsterdam

Then you have to select a gate (or departure runway) but select a gate, that’s better in my opinion, at EHAM.

From there you can taxi and depart!

I think you need to file a flight plan and set the autopilot to drive you around after takeoff. Watch the video link on the above post by @Jet_Airways_995 and try to create a journey to start with.

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