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Hi guys,

I’m new to the infinite flight world as having come from a Fsx and X-Plane background and have nearly done 25 landings to get my grade 2. Tonight I flew a short hop into Sydney and had my first experience with fellow pilots and after calling on Unicom I was on base for 07 I had someone announce they were taking off from 07 and basically just sat there while I was on base and all the way down onto 10nm final and over the threshold they continued to not take off.

I also had a 747 fly under my final approach at god knows what speed and cannon into the runway.

Was just wanting to know from you guys up there in the higher grades are there a lot less of these cowboy pilots at unmanned airports on the expert servers?



Hey and welcome!

The expert server is 100% more ‘expert’. There is a much higher sense of etiquette. It is for sure worth it to get up to Grade 3

Also, feel free to check out the following thread as you are new to the IFC :)


Hello! Welcome to Infinite Flight. There is also an Expert Server. You must reach grade 3 to get there. If you are trying to be super realistic, I recommend grinding your way to grade 3. As grade 3 has certified ATC, and more professional pilots in general.

Happy flying,


Welcome to Infinite Flight and yes once on expert you will find less troll pilots thinking they own the airport. I have done well over 800 flights on expert so far and only encountered these runway holders a total of 3 times.

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Welcome to IF!
If you need questions answered regarding ATC, or flying my PM’s are opened!
Good luck and have fun!

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Welcome to Infinite Flight!
You will love it here! I only started a month ago and it took me less than two weeks to get to grade 3! Once your on grade 3 everything is a lot more professional. I recommend check out some of the tutorials as they taught me a lot when I first started and do some touch and goes at a quiet airport and you will soon work your way up the grades!!! Happy Flying!!! 😁

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There are definitely less Lol in expert server everyone is more mature and you won’t see anyone crashing on the runways and or doing Mach speed with the a380 during landing 😂
Heheh btw I have 780 hours of flight heheheh heheheh and still grade 3 cuz of my violations

Welcome to IF! I’m also relatively new to IF having been flying for only about four months. I tend to stick to Expert Server now, but remember one thing. Everyone is so quick to bash Training Server, but it has its place. It’s where new people learn to fly, often by making mistakes. What may seem like a cowboy move to one person may actually be an innocent mistake, one that the pilot may not even know is wrong. I’ve made my fair share of them. Even on Expert.

Hello, how are you
Look there are two classes of drivers educated and the other in the Casual you will have these and other problems like using direction strange example in favor of the wind and against as well.
On the Server this is better but I particularly do not like it because there are rules that I disagree with and I find it uncomfortable. There are those who like and want even heavier rules but I believe they are people who like to have the attention of their parents all the time, which is not my case I am grade 5 and I like Casual but I also suffer from lack of etiquette or education Many. Today I posted something about the title Taking off. You get accustomed logically that I also have FSX and others but I really like the IF that I believe can improve more.

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