New to IFC - Community Involvement?

Hey there folks! My name is Gabriel (IFC Oskapew). I’ve had an account on the IFC for a while, but I haven’t really started to get involved with the IFC until about a few weeks ago. A bit of background info on myself:
I’m a student pilot in western Canada, I fly the Diamond Katana, I’m part of the USCG-IF and I am applying for a ground ops position at a local (well known) sea plane company.

I’m looking for ways/events where I can get involved with the IFC. Any suggestions are welcome!

With Gratitude,
IFC: Oskapew
Callsigns: C-GGUK, C-GPAK, USCG0014, C-GDDP


Welcome, Friend!

There are tons of great events here. FNF (Friday Night Flight,) is a big one that happens every Friday!
If you go to the #live:events category, you will find tons of events there!

If you want to talk about aviation, lots of #general topics and other category’s like #real-world-aviation and #screenshots-and-videos for your creativity within Infinite Flight!

Hope you enjoy this community!


Thank you! Speaking of FNF, I’m just pushing back at ATL, callsign USCG0014

Safe flying!

I am behind you

Oh haha, that’s great! I see you lol

If you don’t know me, you’re living my life 🤣

I love Vancouver with my heart.

I’m happy to help any time! Just shoot a PM and I’ll be happy to talk if you need me!


I personally suggest you join a VA! You can get very involved that way. Feel free to browse the threads in #live:va or visit for a comprehensive list of all Virtual Airlines.



Nice to see another Vancouverite! I’m “based” out of CYPK, Pitt Meadows. How about yourself?

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Thank you! I’m actually currently a part of the USCG-IF (United State Coast Guard - Infinite Flight), but I may consider joining a proper “airline”.

Oh, I even saw that and still wrote the post. Silly me.

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Well, I just submitted an application for the WestJet VA! Thanks!

@Ecoops123 claims he’s Canadian, but he’s not. Love his passion for Canada! :D Howdy another Canadian 😀


Someone get @Ecoops123 a Permanent Residence Card stat!



Hope to see you around more - if you need anything - just drop one of us a PM…

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Thanks for the



Yeah, I hope to be around more!

I don’t actually live in Vancouver myself, but have been over, and have an entire generation who have all separately moved over time over there. My profile says where I live. 🙂 I love every part of Vancouver, from Deep Cove in the north to the crack-filled apartments in the far South. (That isn’t a joke btw lol)

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