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Yes, sure. You need grade 2 to get to the playground server and grade 3 to get to the advanced server. This is on how to get to the Advanced server (Grade 3):

Oh ok, does it take long to get there and is there anything different about them? And thanks for the reply

Hi welcome! You need to have xp,(cant remember if is 10000 or less) play in free server for xp and experience!

Well you need a certain amount of XP and flight time.
Free Flight (Grade 1) - No violations, unicom only
Playground (Grade 2) - Violations, Grade 2 ATC Controlling
Advanced (Grade 3) - Violations, Advanced ATC Controlling

Do you know what violations are?

Perform some more Landings and you should be fine; here are some similar Posts with questions:

Erm…IRL doing something wrong like crossing against the light

No, on Infinite Flight Live. Like taxiing over 35kts, going over 250kts under 10000ft etc.

You need to stay under a certain amount of violations to get and stay on a grade.

Basically you can get violations on IF for a few things. Taxiing over 35 kts, flying 250kt IAS under 10,000ft or aerobatic maneuvers over airports. These are enforced on playground and Advanced. Of you get to many in a shirt time you won’t have access to advanced.

And one last thing, you could get in trouble for saying a little worse things than that, just remember next time. You don’t want to get flagged or suspended straight away :-)

Heck? Is a bad word here? And flagged?

I said words that are just a little worse than that :-)

So heck is fine?

Ya, sorry for scaring you :-)

Its fine just didn’t realise it would be so difficult to speak haha. Anyways thanks very much for all your help, PG server here we come 😉

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Welcome aboard! For some help you can check #tutorials there is a lot of great information available there.

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Thankyou all