New to IF - what to do after landing?

As the title states, I’m brand new here. This is my first time playing a game/sim like this and it’s quite fun but I’m really confused. When I start the game in solo I’m basically either tossed in what feels like a random runway or I’m flying through the air and I have no idea where to go so I just land at a nearby strip. Do I gain points or is there any point other than learning more about aviation/atc??

Please help me out! I feel silly!

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Welcome to the world of Infinite Flight!

Once you have mastered the art of take off and landing then you can use the map to plan flights to different airports within each region. As you get more experienced you can move on line and fly live and interact with other pilots and also Ait Traffic Control (ATC) Search you tube for tutorial videos as well as this forum under tutorials!

Good luck and enjoy!

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Its Infinite Flight -_-

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thank you @The_simulation_nerd , serve me right for posting before I have had breakfast and a coffee!

You can also discover what is in each airport. There is a website which may help


Taxi to Parking :-P

No, in all seriousness, it can be whatever you want. Come up with useless, unrealistic stories on why you would possibly need to take a 747 20nm from where you started. Try some aerobatics, either responsibly in a fighter or not so in a 777. Or try some real airline routes, flying as real as possible.

Welcome and Good Luck :-)

so nm equals nano metres?

NM = Nautical Miles

Taxi to a gate, suddenly need to perform a go-around, queue up for to fly to another airport, look at the scenery, etc.

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In infinite flight you have the awesome ability to choose multiple airplanes (some paid, some free) and select a large variety of large and beautiful regions (again, some paid and some free). I like to say there are three options for you to do, but it seems as if you do not have live, so 2 of them will not affect you. What you can do is fly in Solo, as people mentioned above you can fly a real route, or do aerobatics, or see how high you can get, the possibilities are practically endless. You mentioned starting in the air, this may be due when you select an aiport to fly, there is an option that is in the bottom of the screen that says “takeoff, landing” select either one for what you want to do. When you select an aiport you can select a gate to spawn at or just spawn directly on the runway, eliminating the need to taxi. I believe you had “landing” selected. The other two things are flying in live, and controlling in live. To fly/control you need a live subscription. There are two options here, buying one month of live for about $5 (not sure of your currency) or you can buy a yearly subscription, which includes EVERY plane and EVERY region AND live for $49.99 this option is cheaper than buying each aircraft and region individually, although just buying them on their own is better for some people, depends on how involved you want to be. Live connects you to other players from around the world onto different servers. There is the “free flight server” which there are no rules, feel free to taxi at takeoff speed, do whatever. Then there is the “playground” server there is ATC in this server, but they are not official ATC. Mainly people come on here to be controlled by new controllers, or controllers there practicing for the test to go to the advanced server. In the playground server there are rules, just like in real life. I won’t go in to all of them, but an example is airspace violations. Then there is the “advanced server” this requires a certain amount of XP to use and this is where the pilots and controllers are very serious about what they are doing (not saying the other servers aren’t serious) the ATC in this server have been tested by a testing group, and you need to have some sort of experience with controlling. At the moment I want to say there are about 200 controllers. (Just a guesstimate) and lots of pilots. You must be familiar with the commands or you risk being “ghosted” which controllers have the ability to do if you don’t follow rules, etc. this removes you from everybody else’s screen, and you do not get XP or hours from the flight. There are many tutorials on the forums on flying and controlling. The Devs are very involved in the community, especially Matt Laban, he does the flight models and other things. You can see him often flying around, secretly testing new things. Philippe, honestly, I don’t know much about what he does. I believe he does the terrain? (So sorry about this guys) and then there is RgBa (likes to keep anonymous) I have no idea on his role. These three developers are the guys who make this awesome simulator possible. Also, there is a cost on live, and IAPs because the servers used can cost thousands of dollars a month. I remember Matt said something along the lines of “for 5.99 you can buy a full month of live, that’s about as much as a sandwich, and that only lasts a few minutes” (rough quote there…don’t quote me on that lol). Another fun thing to do is join a Virtual Airline you can join, American, lets just say and you will “work” for them, and fly routes…etc. all in all Infinite Flight is the best simulator for mobile devices, the community is awesome, and if you ask, people will always fly with you on live, possibilities are truly Infinite!

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