New to IF, I'm Looking for advice, tips, and information

I am new and trying to get the hang of IF. (Right now it is easier to flying a real airplane) I am slowly learning new things but I am trying to speed this process up so that I can get a grip on what I am doing. Any advice, tips, or information anyone has that can help in any way is appreciated. Even if you think it is nothing, please mention it because I am still learning. Thank you.


I would suggest reading our vast array of tutorials here…
Everyone works hard on these, and will give you great, reliable info!


Why don’t you check out Infinite Flight’s Official YouTube Page. They have videos for pilots there, or the forum’s Tutorial Page. Welcome!


Thank you. That is what I am looking for. Thanks for the quick replies and links.


Welcome to community,


Community … oh the community.

But yeah, hi! I’m PlanesForLife, and I’ve been on the community for 7 months already! There are people who have been here for about 1.5 years, and some (like you) who have just joined! But either way, you’ll have a blast. Many people (like I will be shortly) are regulars, a privileged that you earn by being active!

Do not post in: #features, #live:va, #live:events

Until you are a member! (TL2)


Welcome to the community! Better yet, welcome to the sim itself. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend purchasing an Infinite Flight Live paid subscription. It’s totally worth the investment in my opinion. Feel free to private message me (when you reach the ‘Basic User’ community trust level and PMs are enabled for you) for assistance with ATC, flying, or even just to chat. :)


Welcome to the Community!

To look for advice and tips, check out Infinite Flight on YouTube! There’s a lot of tutorials you should check out and they’re explained by @Mark_Denton
and @Tyler_Shelton. Mark basically covers on how to fly an aircraft and what a pilot needs to know when flying, and Tyler covers on the basics of being an ATC, or Air Traffic Control. If you have any problems regarding Infinite Flight, just make a post about your problems under the #support category in the community.

There are many features of the simulator:
-Many aircrafts with realistic textures to fly in
-Fly online and interact with other pilots on Live.
-Real weather system (Live only)
-Air Traffic Control system (Live only)
-and much more!

So, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, and we hope you enjoy your stay. You’ll do just fine :)


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!
Learning to fly and learning ATC is both fun and challenging but definitely worth it. We have tutorials for both flying and ATC that will help you get started.

Here is a link to a video that will get you started and you can watch others on our official I finite Flight channel.

Feel free to contact me or post any questions that you have.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Welcome hommie

As I am doing now I am Bulba and been here for a full year.

But if you need some real good help look at tutorials that @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton on #tutorials
You will get the most help from that.


Welcome to the community!
Just don’t fly the C17 and you will be ok ;)


Once you gain a little bit of experience I would recommend that you join a Virtual Airline, it really improves your IF experience and you will part of a more active community.
Here’s a list of the active VA’s


Welcome to the community. If you want to be a good pilot, learn the violations first, and avoid them at ALL COSTS!!

1: Do not taxi more than 35 KT Ground Speed. This is NOT the same as airspeed.

2: Do not exceed your planes Overspeed Limits.

3: Do not preform “acrobatic menuvers” above airports.

4: Do not exceed 250 KT air speed below 10,000 feet.

To any of the other community members, feel free to correct me if I missed any. I’m writing this late at night.


Welcome to the community. Let me give you a brief introduction about myself:

I am CEO of Infinite Flight Pictures Media, the only media outlet for Infinite Flight.
I run Frontier Virtual Airline
I am a pilot at BigBear and JetBlue Virtual Airlines
I am an IFATC Trainee which means I control up to Charlie airports.

I’d like to extend my hand and the arm of IFPM (Infinite Flight Pictures Media) in greeting. It is truly an honor welcoming so dignified a soul as yourself. I hope your expierence here is a wonderful time! Should you have any questions at all just private message me. I’m usually available around the clock to help you! @CPKJ
Should you require any aissistance in understanding the rules of the forums, just check the handy dandy search button in the top right of your screen!
One final word, thank you for choosing Infinite Flight! Welcome aboard and have a blessed night. May the force be with you, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

~508 (CEO of IFPM)


Thank you everyone for all of that including the helpful hints and warm welcoming. Just an update: I did purchase the 30 day subscription and it looks like I will be purchasing the one year subscription eventually. I found out the hard way with the C17 and the violations but I kept them down and I should be fine. I did get to figure out a lot of the simulator from all of the help and the tutorials you guys/girls have presented before me. I tried out ATC (love the feature), different airplanes, and observed some of the operations at the airport before I jumped into flying. Again, thank you everyone for the help and quick responses!


''Tis the great timing reactions and help that makes this forum a truly wonderful place!! I hope you enjoy :)


Don’t worry about the violations. Everyone racks them up quite fast when they first start flying. If you ever plan to improve your ATC skills in IF, check out the awesome tutorials also on IF YouTube page. Happy flying!


Me too hahahha


Welcome to the community ^^

If you intend to get the Live+, do so after your 1 month and you get all the aircraft and regions for the year =D


Wow, having observed this thread, I must say that this is a perfect example of why Infinite Flight is so great. When curious pilots come to the forums and receive timely and excellent responses, it shows what an amazing community we have here. Amazing job guys. Oh, and @CPKJ, welcome to the forum and IF :)