New to IF Community screen question

Just started using IF on both a new Samsung Note 9
and a older Asus Zenpad 8.
When at cruise altitude on AP is there a way to declutter the screen image from the controls ?
Systems is self explanitory…but the throttle and AP control is in the way for screen shots or just kicking back and looking around.

thanks CD

Welcome to the community! If you go to settings, you can select General > Interface Timeout, and choose the duration that the controls disappear. You can also hide the status bar when the interface timeout occurs :) Feel free to PM me if you have any questions :)


Fiddle with the timeout settings in General.

Change settings on Hide Airplane names and Hide Airplane dots.

Welcome to this great forum. Hope you’ll spend much time here. Lots of good info to discover. Check out this great guide:


Also, if you want to hide the status bar, you can go to General > Hide Status Bar!

Thank You !

how does it return…screen touch ?

Yes, it come back when you touch the screen. After you touch, it will disappeared again after chosen duration time.

thanks Gabe
discovered that as soon ss i touched the screen

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